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Johnny, Romeo, & Ian


Who doesn’t love a triple treat? Today’s update has Ian Dempsey, Johnny Forza, and Romeo James. Ian is in the middle, getting kisses from both studs. He’s even the first to go shirtless. There’s more smooching as the studs strip. Ian’s tool is plump and ready to play. Romeo leans in and nibbles on Ian’s chest. Johnny then grabs Ian’s meat and puts kisses on those sweet lips. Ian is such a lucky fella to be getting all of this attention.


The three naked performers make out, with Ian getting most of the attention. Notice how turned on he is? His toes are curling in. LOL!
Johnny and Romeo stand up, with Ian on his knees. The lucky devil gets two sausages to service. He goes back and forth, deep throating as much as possible. Johnny and Ian are pleased with Ian’s skills. Plus, doesn’t Ian’s cute factor increase by 20 with dick in his mouth?


Ian gets on his back. He keeps Johnny’s johnson in his mouth. Romeo sucks on Ian’s rod and fingers that little butt. It’s about time Ian got some oral loving. His meat is close to bursting. Romeo’s finger spreads open that man hole, getting it prepped for a royal stuffing. As for Johnny, he makes sure Romeo’s lips cover his entire shaft. After all that fingering, it’s time for Ian to get plowed. He gets on his hands and knees, and Romeo enters in one motion. From the start, Romeo fucks balls deep. Ian’s grunts are stifled because his throat is constricted with Johnny’s tool. Romeo gives those pale a cheeks a slap to let Ian know who owns that ass.  The trio realize that Johnny has been left out of the fun. Sure his little big Johnny has been sucked, but who doesn’t want some tight male tail?


Ian gets on his side, with Romeo getting back in. Johnny gets behind Romeo, his pud breaking Romeo’s seal. Each time Romeo pounds Ian, his own booty gets busted by Johnny. Getting it in the front and back. Poor Romeo. He looks so conflicted. Blissed and pleasantly hurt at the same time.


Ian busts first, his man milk filling up his belly button. Romeo pulls out and lets Johnny drill him. This causes Romeo’s load to splatter the black sheets. Johnny is next, his cum coating Romeo’s hairy thighs. The scene closes with sighs and kissing. The three amigos are spent!

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Johnny, Romeo, & Ian


Enzo Mark - Hot Italian Cock


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Enzo pushes his boxers down around his balls and lets his massive 8 inch uncut cock stand tall as he looks straight into the camera. Pushing his pants down around his ankles, his massive cock bobs back and forth around his waist. He just stands there showing off his amazing pecker, and then…

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Boy Fun - Jade (3)

Jade just loves it when guys watch him bust a nut. Let’s not disappoint him, okay?

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Flip-flop bareback fuckers rimming and fisting


One might almost be forgiven for thinking that new boy, Peter Nover, was a total innocent, but (let’s be perfectly honest now) those kinky black pants that he and Will Sims are wearing at the start of this delightfully spunktastic episode suggest that he’s anything but. Indeed, what doubts we have about this fellow’s history are quickly dispelled when he’s presented with Sims’s dick, which he immediately gets to work on with those lusciously thick lips of his.
No question about it, this lad’s nowhere near as prim and proper as he’d like you to think – something that will come as a great relief to all you dirty-minded fuckers out there! Besides, what vestige of innocence that’s still left in the lad is never destined to survive an encounter with a character such as Sims, who’s rarely if ever reticent when it comes to making his mark on a newbie. As such, it’s no time at all before Sims is fervently rimming Nover’s hungry little pucker, lapping at the hole in preparation for the hardcore, rubber-free fucking to come.
What’s more, Nover’s soon taking every inch of his new buddy’s ramrod like a pro, settling in a series of positions to enjoy every last second of pleasure that Sims can provide. As if not to be outdone, however, it’s not long before the roles have been reversed, with Nover taking the opportunity to first fist and then screw Sims’s ass for all that it’s worth. It’s a kinky turnaround that’s sure to get you worked up almost as much as the two guys themselves, who both proceed to knock out generous wads of jizz in the process to mark a very satisfied wrap!
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BAREBACK TWINK: Brian Brower, Chris Cool and Felix Wallace

Brian Brower and Chris Cool are at the train station waiting for Felix Wallace, who’s come to visit them for a while. The three twinks head back to Brian and Chris’ place and Felix is blindfolded so he doesn’t know who’s doing what to him. Brian and Chris are hungry and share the eager and willing young Felix, taking turns as they tease, suck his cock and make out with Felix. After a while he’s completely naked, the blindfold comes off, and the cocksucking proceeds in earnest as Brian and Chris strip. They continue to service Felix then suck each other. Soon Chris is in the middle, sucking Brian and getting sucked by Felix. Then, without getting rimmed or lubed, Felix, rides Chris’ cock, then Brian’s. They use Felix like the bareback whore that he is until they each spew and cum all over each other.
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Hung Nim Strokes One Out

Nim heads into the bathroom and reveals his massive cock for a jerk off.

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Boy Crush - Dealing With His Big Boner

We don't know what or who Ricky is thinking of, but it's obviously horny!

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Candy Boys: Aaron Aurora and Alex Silvers

If you’re ready for a lot of sucking, this scene is for you. Two of our hottest Euro Twinks, Aaron Aurora and Alex Shivers, are back with some hot sucking and fucking action. Not to mention, there’s a candy dildo in this scene, which takes the name Candy Boys to the next level. It’s sweet as candy.

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Straight Latino Boys from - 07
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MIAMI BOYZ: Original exclusive young uncut Latino models from Miami, L.A. and Central and South America who get hard, and cum just for you while you watch.

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Cody Gets A Lesson In Sucking

Sweet gay twink Cody gets educated in the art of sucking on a big uncut dick.

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Helix Studios - Action Pix - 53


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A Bareback Cum Splashing Load - Danny Tatum And Jason Valencia

Jason spews his load all over Danny's fucked ass after plowing him deep.

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Enigmatic Boys - Jens - 1

Enigmatic-Boys /></a><a href=Enigmatic-BoysEnigmatic-Boys

I like a boy who knows his way around a kitchen. I like it even better if he lets me get to know my way around him.

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Sweet Latin Twink Eats Cum For Lunch

Sharing a lunch break, construction workers Esneider and Javier seem hungry for something more than food. Hard work has left them both horny as hell. Javier fishes his buddy’s cock out of his coveralls fast. It helps that Esneider’s cock his hard and he’s not wearing underwear. Javier sucks away sticking his ass up in the air. Esneider doesn’t miss this, shoving his hand down Javier’s brief while the bottom gulps his dick down his throat. Esneider can’t keep his hands off of or out of Javier’s ass. Javier obediently mounts Esneider and starts working his partner’s thick, engorged meat into his ass. Eventually he turns around to face Esneider and sits all the way down. Esneider takes over, taking Javier from behind sticking his fingers into Javier’s mouth and holding onto him by his hair. Javier sits back down on Esneider and blows his load while bobbing up and down on him. Esneider then lets Javier suck his load down his throat.

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First Date Adrenaline With Bobby and Dominic on


The Scene: In case you didn’t know, before we shoot each scene you watch on the site, we often do a photo shoot with the models. This has two benefits: first, it gives us great still photos to go along with the video and, second, it gives the models the opportunity to do a sort of un-dress rehearsal of the scene before we shoot the action…

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