Young Love Revisited on Videoboys
Think back to your own high school days. Can you imagine the possibility of being openly gay? Dating? Having a steady boyfriend? Going to the prom together?
Hockey Boy Jimmy Bodine and His Big Curved Stick on Videoboys
We don't like to perpetuate stereotypes, but let's face it, a lot of French Canadian guys are really into hockey and Jimmy Bodine is no exception.
Luda Wayne's Three-Hole Stretchers on Videoboys
After a brief vacation from his gay porn career, Luda Wayne gave us a call a few weeks ago to let us know that he was ready to get back into the rotation.
Dominic Couture - A Little Help From My Friends (with Joey Lafontaine)
It was supposed to be a solo. Dominic Couture was in town and ready to jerk off for our camera. But he and Joey Lafontaine had been hanging out the prior two days and getting along just fine.
Summer Dazed and Aroused on Videoboys
Did you ever have a best friend who you secretly lusted after but never dared to act on it in case they didn't feel the same way? That's exactly how Jimmy Little felt about his skater buddy Axel Ducharme.
Dominic and Jimmy - The Balcony Scene on Videoboys
"Why is my best sex always with guys who have girlfriends?" That's what Dominic Couture had to say after he finished getting fucked by Jimmy Little.
Bulging Speedos - Beni Rousseau and Colby London
Sure, sex with your long-time lover is sweet and comfortable. But sex with a sexy stranger, that's just plain hot!
Axel Goes All The Way With Dominic on Videoboys
Carpe Diem says the tattoo on Axel Ducharme's hand. Seize the Day! And that's exactly what he did. Axel is straight… well, I mean most of his sex is with girls but...
Joey Lafontaine Needs Some Penis on Videoboys
Sure Joey Lafontaine has a girlfriend and there can be no denying that he's attracted to girls. But that doesn't mean that he can't find the occasional guy attractive. And more to the point, as he clearly states, he needs some penis sometimes.
Jimmy and Joey Flip Flop Fuck on Videoboys
We wanted Joey Lafontaine to take his porn career to the next level: to get fucked by a real guy in front of our camera.
Joey Lafontaine Initiates Benjamin London on Videoboys
Pretty boy Benjamin London has been on our "to do list" for months and it seems that he's been on Joey Lafontaine's as well.
First Date With Bobby and Dominic on Videoboys
In case you didn't know, before we shoot each scene you watch on the site, we often do a photo shoot with the models.
Benjamin London Seduces Max Dawson on Videoboys
Benjamin London likes the whole game of trying to seduce straight guys. The flirting with them and pushing the straight boy out of his comfort zone and seeing how he reacts, that's all part of the excitement.
Joey Lafontaine - Teenager In Love, with Adam Harris
Joey Lafontaine is a romantic in a way that only a hot blooded teenager can be. When he saw little blonde haired, blue eyed Adam Harris he just wanted cuddle him like a cute little teddy bear.
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