Seth Corrigan Gets Off
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Meet Seth Corrigan, self-proclaimed twink with a big attitude and an even bigger dick. He has this beaming smile that's guaranteed to make your heart melt, but his tattoos and piercings prove he's a bad boy at heart. He works as an underwear model, but he's known he's wanted to do porn for a long time -- just goes to show you how much ambition he's got!
Jake Bass Satisfies Bobby Long In World Class Fuck
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Since Jake Bass did his fantastic first solo we've been enthusiastically anticipating what Jake could do with another warm body to play with. Bobby Long eagerly volunteered to be Jake's mentor and guide through his first duo scene.
Bulging Speedos: Beni Rousseau and Colby London
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Sure, sex with your long-time lover is sweet and comfortable. But sex with a sexy stranger, that's just plain hot! And that's exactly what happened to Colby London on his trip to Quebec. He was up on the sun deck at the bed and breakfast where he was staying, when one of the other lodgers, a cute French-Canadian boy in a black speedo, appeared on the terrace.
First Date Adrenaline With Bobby and Dominic
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Bobby Long - Bobby has been out of circulation for almost two years now (and by that I mean no sex with boys for 2 years!). He's been living in a small town outside of Montreal with a job and girlfriend and really no opportunity to pursue some of his favourite pleasures. But the pressure was building and for the past six months Bobby couldn't stop thinking about how great a bit of boy on boy action would feel. Finally his resolve broke and last week he showed up at our door looking for a fix. His pick: smooth twink Dominic Couture.
Cumming of Age!
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At the ripe old age of 22 Dominic Couture has had his share of hot sex with guys he's picked up at clubs, and he's developed the skill of sizing up potential partners with just a glance. So you could forgive him for thinking that eighteen year old Skyler Dallon might be a bit shy and inexperienced in bed. After all, Skyler's cherubic face and his diminutive size give off a vibe of youthful innocence that you don't often see in clubs.
Jo and Dominic: Taster's Choice
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Somehow Jo Diamond is always fucking guys in curious circumstances. A few weeks ago Zac described how Jo fucked him in the front seat of a compact car while their two friends made out in the back seat. And the first time Jo and Dominic Couture met, they ended up sneaking into the tiny bathroom of a friend's apartment and fucking in silence so as not to wake up the roommates.
Maxwell Marteau Takes It To The Next Level!
videoboys-at-erectboys-18-Maxwell-Marteau-Benjamin-London-001 videoboys-at-erectboys-18-Maxwell-Marteau-Benjamin-London-002
We really never thought we'd see this day. When Maxwell Marteau first came to us about doing a solo video a year ago, he'd never even met anyone gay before. He was even skittish about having a guy hug him, so suggesting the idea of having a guy suck his dick was right out of the question.
Shawn Allen and Nick Reed
Sex with someone you know and love certainly has many advantages. But sometimes an anonymous pick-up in a public place can be about the hottest thing ever. Shawn Allen was out cruising in the plaza when he caught the attention of Nick Reed.
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