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The Videoboys Initiation: Bobby Long Welcomes Ethan Rose on

Ethan Rose has always been able to talk the part of sex fanatic. How he’s always horny, ready to try anything, loves to get pounded hard etc, etc. But we wanted to get him out for a test drive, to see if he had the action to back up the words.

We thought of several ways to put this to the test. A gang bang perhaps? A tag team marathon to see how many big dicks he could handle in his tight little ass? Maybe a bukkake session with Ethan’s pretty face as the target. But finally we decided that the best test of Ethan’s ass for his first duo would be to put him with a horny guy. A guy who loves to pound the pretty boys. A guy who’s hard-on just never fails. That description sounds a lot like Bobby Long.

Now as far as companionship goes, Bobby and Ethan could not be more different. These are two guys that would probably not hang out together in a clothing mandatory environment. But Ethan’s ass and Bobby’s cock were a match made in heaven. From the moment they locked lips, both dicks stood bolt upright. And I can’t say for certain, but I think the minute Ethan wrapped his lips around Bobby’s throbbing cock, his ass got a wide-on.

As for the fucking, well I can’t say whether it’s to your liking but I’m very confident it was to both Ethan and Bobby’s liking. The cum says it all.

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Bobby Long & Xavier Powell on

This scene caught us completely by surprise. After his scene with Yuri, Bobby Long decided he was going back to girls only. Then just a few days later I got a phone call from Bobby, “I met someone today. We want to do a scene together.” A mutual friend had introduced Bobby to Xavier Powell at a club and they hit it off right away and ended up spending the entire next week in each other’s company. By the time they got in front of our camera they were very comfortable with each other’s anatomy and knew just how to push all the right buttons to get those moans out of each other. Watch this scene and enjoy the thrill of young love in its first blush. These two are just so damn cute together.

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Damien Munroe & Xavier Powell on

When we try to match up models for duos we usually find that opposites attract. The little ones want the big ones, the skinny boys want the muscle boys and so on. This week was the exception to the rule. When Damien Munroe saw the video of little Xavier Powell in action with Bobby Long, he let us know in no uncertain terms that this was the boy he wanted to be with next. We offered this up to Xavier and when he saw Damien’s picture he was on board immediately. So to our surprise we had two skinny, smooth, young twink boys who really wanted each other badly. And when they met that first 1/2 hour before shooting they hit it off right away. In fact they had so much fun shooting the scene that it took us about three times as long to shoot than usual because the two of them were laughing and running off for breaks to be alone with each other whenever possible. Damien was particularly impressed with Xavier’s big cock, and Xavier claimed that Damien had a “magic mouth”. After the shoot was all done, they went off together and we don’t know what happened after that. To quote Rick Blaine from “Casablanca”: “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

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Bobby Long & Lukas Wild on

Our idea of a hot skinny-boy match up was Bobby Long and Lukas Wild. We proposed it, they agreed with gusto. Though they had never met, Lukas agreed to give Bobby a ride to the studio that day and it gave them a chance to get comfortable with each other. Be prepared, Bobby shaved his head. Since both Lukas and Bobby were anxious to not be type cast as “bottoms”, there was some debate about who would do what to who. Finally they both agreed to a flip flop, Bobby takes it in the ass first, then Lukas second. The results were amazing.

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Lukas Wild & Xavier Powell on

Xavier Powell has insisted from the start that he is “top only”. But we always suspected that he might not be telling us the whole story. So we planted the seed of an idea for a scene with him and Lukas Wild. Xavier had seen Lukas in other scenes and was very enthusiastic. So I mentioned that Lukas would be top in his next scene. Xavier hesitated for about a split second and then agreed to bottom for Lukas. As for Lukas, we have never seen him so excited to get in an ass before. Xavier had exactly what he was looking for in a bottom.

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Kumar & Santiago on

We have to congratulate Santiago for luring hot straight boy Kumar into the bisexual realm. These two guys have been friends at work for the past few months and Santiago didn’t have to twist Kumar’s arm too hard to get him to agree to try topping just for fun. And the logical next step was to recreate that magic in front of the camera for us. After making out for awhile, Santiago dives down on Kumar’s luscious dick and gives it a long, deep suck. Kumar is hesitant at first but finally goes down on Santiago, and judging from Santiago’s moans, Kumar is a quick study in blowjobs. But what Santiago really wants is to ride Kumar’s big tool but he asks him to “start out slow”. Once he is warmed up it’s “no holds barred” and they enjoy each other’s bodies from every angle they could think of. Finally, Santiago can’t take it anymore and with Kumar still buried deep inside him, he blasts four jets of cum across his stomach.

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Taylor Brooks & Lukas Wild on

Lukas Wild traveled to the nations capital to have a chance to tap Taylor’s ass. And he was so excited to have a shot at scrumptious Taylor that he didn’t have sex or jack off for 3 days before. By the time we got to Taylor’s place we practically had to restrain Lukas on a leash. For Taylor it had been something like three months since he last got fucked and he was really needing it. Taylor has a huge cock but what Lukas wanted was his tight little bubble butt. Both of the boys admitted to having a shoe fetish and requested to keep their shoes on while they fucked. I think that little extra excitement put them right over the top because when it came to cumshot time, Lukas made Videoboys history.

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Luda Wayne Rubs on Rubber on

When Luda first appeared on our site for his solo, the emails and the comments we got from everywhere were overwhelming. All agreed that he has a beautiful face and amazing body, from every angle. But what seems to put him over the top for most of us is his “no limits” attitude toward life and love. Luda identifies as “straight” but he has done some experimenting and hasn’t ruled out experimenting some more. For this scene we thought we should slowly transition him from the solo to the duo by having him “interact” (i.e. fuck) with something artificial so he could show us the skills he bragged about. So here is Luda with a “silicone mate”. We’ll let you, the viewer, decide if Luda lives up to his claims to be a fantastic lover. Next, we hope to see Luda perform with a boy in the flesh.

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Jonathan and Luda on

Luda and Jonathan have been best of friends now for over a year, cruising the clubs for girls and frequently getting “lucky”. When we asked them to make a show together in front of our cameras, they were hesitant at first but, being the adventurous guys that they are, they eventually decided to give it a try. We set them down in front of our camera and they gave us a rough sketch of what they were going to do. What we got was at times hilarious, at times painfully awkward and at times we were very surprised just how far they were willing to take it. Montreal straight boys never cease to amaze us.

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Xavier Powell’s Facial on

Sweet twink boy Xavier Powell has many fascinating characteristics and in this video we let him show us, in detail, all the things that make him so hot. Of course there are those rippling abs, and his beautiful smooth skin, and lets not forget we have to linger over that beautiful bubble butt. But we take special care to let Xavier show us his big fat dick and explain to us about his tight foreskin and show us just how tight it really is. There are far too many things to mention here, but we will tell you that the highlight of this intimate portrait is Xavier’s cumshot. You know he’s a power shooter and this time he did a special for Videoboys by making sure that he blasted his load into his face.

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Brent Lockhart and Luda Wayne on

Luda Wayne was very clear with us from the start that he was str8. And his scene with his best friend Jonathan did nothing to convince us otherwise. But Luda is nothing if not open minded and so he agreed to trying to fuck a boy, just to see what it would feel like. We needed a special bottom for this situation, one who would take whatever Luda chose to give out and not expect any reciprocal action. Brent Lockhart was exactly the boy for this. Having experience with several str8 fuck friends, Brent knows just when to suck and when to lie back and let the str8 boy use his hole for whatever he wants. And Brent certainly knows not to expect a kiss, but Luda just might have some surprises. Are we seeing Luda evolve before our eyes? DOWNLOAD LINK:

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Tony Star Takes A Seven Inch Ride on

In many ways Tony Star is as innocent as he looks. Oh, he’s had boyfriends andĀ for an eighteen year old, he’s really had plenty of sex. But what surprised us about Tony was that, in spite of being a dedicated bottom, he has never even once used a dildo. But he was certainly anxious to try one.

So Tony went down to the local sex shop and carefully chose the perfect dildo for him. Not too big, not too small. A “big seven inches” was his ideal for a device he intended to use on a regular basis. When he got it home and pulled it out of the package he marvelled at the texture and the girth. Once Tony was horned up enough, he was ready and eager, to get that big plastic cock in his ass. And though it took a few minutes for his sphincter to adjust to the thick shaft, once it was in, it seemed as though this dildo was custom designed for Tony’s tight little ass.

Honestly, we were quite surprised at how Tony was able to put that dildo to use. Though he’d never used one before, Tony became a virtuoso of the dildo his first try. He tried it from every direction, every position and at various speeds. All of this action gave Tony a hardon that was more impressive than the dildo that was in his ass. And then when he was ready to cum, Tony put that 7 incher all the way in and just let it sit there comfortably while he cranked out a big load. He assured us that this would not be the last time he would use a dildo.

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Luda Wayne’s Bubble Bath on

There is something sexy about a hot boy in a hot bath. And Luda Wayne is one of the hottest boys we know. Luda has had some sexy moments in the water before, but this time was particularly sexy. Something about Luda’s smooth skin with the water flowing over his athletic build, glistening and wet. And the bubbles don’t hide much for very long. But this is no ordinary bath. Luda takes the time to wash every crevice and give attention to each body part. And for his grand finally Luda decides to get himself off and take a taste. DOWNLOAD LINK:

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Etienne Kidd and Tony Star: From Video Games to Joy Sticks on

Etienne Kidd and Tony Star have something very important in common. It’s not that they’re both super cute twinks and its not that they both have big dicks. The one thing they have in common that brought them together was the fact that they both LOVE to play video games. If each is playing alone, they can go for hours without taking a break to eat or sleep. But somehow when they are playing video games together in the same room, it always starts out innocently enough but once Etienne starts to snuggle and Tony’s dick starts to awaken, the urgency of the video game seems to fade with the excitement of the moment. Tony loves killing zombies but he loves getting his ass pounded just a little bit more. And Etienne has the perfect sized dick for the job.

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Luda Wayne and Lukas Wild on

There has never been a scene that we’ve so anxiously waited for as this one. Luda Wayne has been resisting our attempts to move him toward this moment for almost a year now. First it was solos, then a jerk off scene with a straight friend, then he fucked a boy, then a dildo in his ass. All of these were merely baby steps leading to this definitive question: will Luda get fucked in that beautiful ass?
We asked him this question over and over for the past year. Finally, just after New Years he said he’d give it a try. So we had to make sure that everything was just right, make sure nothing would go wrong. Naturally we had to call in our most reliable erection, Lukas Wild. Luda liked our choice.
The day of the shooting Luda and Lukas met for the first time and seemed to hit it off right away. They went out for a smoke and found that they have a lot in common. But the one big difference is that Lukas likes boys and Luda likes girls. But Luda wasn’t the slightest bit uncomfortable with Lukas being gay and Lukas wasn’t going treat him any different even if he did. This was Lukas’ opportunity to do what ever he wanted to a Str8 boy and he wasn’t going to waste it.
I won’t tell you how it went down but suffice it to say a lot of satisfaction was derived from this scene by everyone involved. And if you know anything about Lukas Wild, you might guess how he christened Luda’s maiden voyage. DOWNLOAD LINK:

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