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Danny Montero Plays With His Own Fat Dick

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With his handsome dark features and hot body, 22 year old Danny Montero is a real fittie. Starting off in black Adidas trackies and top, he rubs the growing bulge in his pants then takes off his top, revealing a smooth, nicely muscled, hot body. Pulling down his trackies, leaving him in just his white boxers, he rubs and squeezes his bulge some more, then gets naked. His dick is thick and meaty, with a big bulging head on it. Danny plays with it slowly, then gives us some very hot hands free action, before rubbing plenty of lube into it and jerking off real slow for us. Plenty of very horny cock action here, then he moves over to the sofa. Danny holds up his permanently throbbing meat at the base, showing it off to the camera. He pours more lube over the head of his dick, then massages it in. He works his dick nice and slow, then gradually builds up till he is close to cumming, and keeps himself there for a bit, edging himself. Extremely hot. He starts to build up now, wanking harder and faster.. Moments later, his thick cock starts pumping out hot white spunk over his sweaty abs. The cum drips down his fingers and dick, and as he squeezes out the last few drops, Danny gives one last horny look to camera.

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Foursome Free For All

Four, that’s right FOUR of our favorite dirty boys get together for a round of “Pin the Dildo!” Mike Challenger is stripped down and on his back (again!) as Jeffrey is blindfolded and tries his best to stick our vibrating dildo in Mike’s hairy ass!
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Gay Teen Studio - Justin 3




I wonder if eating oranges naked makes them taste any sweeter?

The Gay Teen Studio features highly erotic photos of the most beautiful, legal, teen boy models available online. Photos so finely detailed, you will be tempted to touch them, to caress their curves, to feel their flesh. Nobody does it better. Experience The Gay Teen Studio for yourself today and see!!


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Hung African Twinks

Best friends Max and Marvin know each other extremely well, right down to their long African dicks. The boys have a special relationship, so when one of them invites the other over he knows what the plan is. The boys start things in the bathroom, lovingly making out and feeling each others heat as they move in close, the bulges of their thickening dicks rubbing together. Once naked, both hung African twinks get a taste of the others piece, moving from the shower to the bedroom where the oil comes out and they get slippery and slick for some extra horny action! Who will be the one to take it?

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Curl Up With A 6-Pack - BelAmi Online Videos - 08

Johnny Bloom & Rocco Alfieri: Newcomer Rocco Alfieri made his debut recently on the KinkyAngels website and this week we let Johnny Bloom show him the ropes at BelAmiOnline. Both boys are quite tall and physically a great fit though Johnny has a bit more muscle. They are both 100% versatile as you’ll see in this weeks 2 part flip flop fuck with no less than 4 amazing cum shots!

Johnny Bloom & Dolph Lambert: This month we are featuring several scenes where we teamed up more experienced models with some of our more recent arrivals. Johnny Bloom spends his days working hard in our office, but before he started that he had the chance to perform with Dolph Lambert. This scene is from the very early days of Johnny’s filming with us, and from the end of Dolph’s. Watch as Dolph shows our ‘fresh meat’ how it’s done! Hot boys, big dicks and daily content updates at BelAmiOnline!

Claude Sorel & Paul Valery: Whenever a popular model stops working we get a lot of requests to bring them back for more scenes. Most of the time it is not possible to do so, but with Paul Valery, he actually came back to us looking for some more work, so we gave iit a try. Paul joins in with Marty (the cameraman) at the beginning joking about Claude’s rising star and his own fading one, but when the clothes come off we see that his body has not changed since the time he stopped filming…. and his dick not at all.

Adam Archuleta & Vadim Farrell: It’s not often that you get to see Adam Archuleta bottoming these days, but this episode is one of those times. Vadim Farrell gladly plays the role of tour guide for this scene, although he has to be the worst tour guide ever, as all Adam gets to see is the inside of Vadim’s bedroom (and pants). Watch as Vadim delivers a hot fuck to the sweet round ass of Adam exclusively at BelAmiOnline!

Johnny Bloom & Tom Pollock: Today we kickoff something new, The BelAmi Night Series.
Filming at night lends a romance to the scene that is harder to capture during a daytime tryst. The first update features 2 of our newest favorites, Johnny Bloom and Tom Pollock. In addition to this scene together, they also work in the same room in our Prague office and are about to take a big step and become flatmates as well. Watch the closeness & intimacy explode in this colorful scene not to be missed at BelAmiOnline!

Rick Lautner & Chase Austin: Rick Lautner is another one of the new faces you will be seeing more of around Today you will get to see him in his first fuck action with American Chase Austin. Rick is an English major and was the perfect match for Chase. Not to mention Rick has a nice, thick uncut cock perfect for fucking the bubble ass of Chase.


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Enigmatic Boys - Tommy


Is it just me, or do you guys think Tommy’s ass would look so much better with a big hard man-sized cock buried balls-deep inside it?

Enigmatic Boys: Handsome, beautiful, barely legal teen boys (18 to 22 y.o.) from Europe and the Mediterranean in high quality photos and videos. Whether in sexy solos, or hot hardcore action, the cute boys of Enigmatic Boys are sure to melt your heart - and harden your cock. Want more beautiful boys? Please click the banner and visit Enigmatic Boys: Members get hundreds of boys, full picture sets (150 to 260 photos), PLUS Access to watch or download many hot, sexy, Full Videos.


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Maxwell Marteau on

Ever since Maxwell first appeared on Squirtz we’ve just been waiting for a chance to get him back in front of the camera. He’s so lively and fun…Now add to the equation those cutie-pie dimples and big friendly smile and you’ve got a boy who’s almost irresistible. It’s great that he’s lean, smooth and hung, but even more sexy is the fact that Maxwell is a supercharged sex machine…

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EUROCREME: Alex Stevens and Adam Tremadoc

Catching his boss having an after hour wank is the perfect timing for some more action before going home. Adams massive tool satisfies young Alex’s appetite and Adam is soon quenched by licking up a days worth of sweat from Alex’s smooth tattooed body. Jerking off on the stairwell has never been so horny and the loads they shoot is enough to quench anyone’s thirst.
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Helix Studios - ‘Take 5′ - 05

Movie Night Threeway - Adrian Rivers, Matthew Keading, Sasha Peterson
Hollywood Ending - Matthew Keading, Adrian Rivers
Special Visitor - Adrian Rivers, Jamie Sanders, Evan Parker, Kyle Ross, Mitch Hudson, Andy Taylor, Kurt Summers
Friendly Encounter - Evan Parker, Jamie Sanders
Peeking Pleasure - Chase Young, Jacob Dixon

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Dallas Knight and Thugzilla

Dallas Knight & Thugzilla

Easily one of the hottest video shoots we’ve had in a while, Dallas Knight and Thugzilla show off their mighty fine bods on the high seas in this encounter. On the back of the Dark Thunder boat, they suck, rim and fuck in broad daylight. Putting on a performance that’d put the Show Boat to shame.

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Bare Twinks - Bareback Scouts Earn A Badge

Scouting in the forest with horny twinks Tanner and Ryker leads to some very special skills being displayed. You’ll have to judge for yourself whether their skills deserve any ‘Merit’!

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Fucking The Hitchhiker!

This hitchhiker really should have known there was something going on!

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Prince DJ

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Defiling The Blond Next Door

When a cute and sexy blond moves in next door, Tommy White takes it upon himself in welcoming the twink to the neighborhood. He’s delighted when Chris Blond invites him in for a “getting to know you” raw encounter in his still bare kitchen. Making out and trading blowjobs, these two are soon stripped naked. Then, on the marble counter, Chris offers up his ass for Tommy to bareback with his big, uncut dick. But turn about is only fair — and the neighborly thing to do — so, after fucking the sweet, pink fuckhole Tommy rides Chris until the both let loose with loads they each taste and savor when they kiss. There may not be coffee and there may not be cake but they certainly have cream!

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Helix Studios - Helix Academy 6: An After School Special

Class is out for the day but Daniel Bishop, Evan Parker and Dylan Hall stay late to do some studying. After everyone leaves the three twinks can’t resist the temptation of having an incredibly hot and steamy threesome. Dylan takes turns sucking on Evan and Daniel’s raging hard boners but is soon lying on his back taking their huge cocks from both ends. These smooth and sexy boys have tons of fun before finishing things off by cumming all over Dylan’s tender lips. Starring: Evan Parker, Dylan Hall, Daniel Bishop
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