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Fucking On Campus

These two hot college dudes take a study break and fuck like crazy on campus.

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Boy Crush - Anthony Evans’ Bathroom Wank

This sexy boy knows what self pleasure is all about, relaxing on your own, exploring your body and enjoying the sensation as you play with your most erogenous areas. Anthony Evans is like most boys when it comes to his cock - he loves to play with it. We follow him into the bathroom to watch his sexy shower, then sit back and enjoy as he strokes the hot cum from his balls!

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BAREBACK TWINK: Jose Manuel and Frank Buillett

After picking up Frank Buillett at the airport, Jose Manuel takes his twink buddy back to his place where the two young men settle in for a hot bareback fuck. First they kiss, touching and feeling each others smooth bodies, then they take turns sucking the others uncut fat dick. But there’s only one thing Frank wants and that’s to rim Jose’s hot hole and finger it, getting it stretched and primed for a hot fuck. Jose spurts all over his belly and Frank soon follows with a huge load of his own.

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French Twinks - Blowjob and fingering under the sun (reality show)

Patrice, the beautiful dark skinned hunk with a huge cock, sunbathes for a while and enjoy getting sucked off by Camille. Its 23 cm (9 inches) long are definitely not easy to get completely in his mouth and the novice seems like he might dislocate his jaw. After sucking one another, Patrice plays with Camille’s little ass and fingers him until climaxing. An awesome cumshot from the twink who moans with pleasure under the expert hands of Patrice.


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Next Door Twink - My Girlfriend’s Hot Brother

My Girlfriend’s Hot BrotherHere’s a little tale of infidelity and serendipitous association. You see Devin Dixon and his sister’s boyfriend, Connor Chesney, have been getting it on in secret for a little while now. Devin’s parents and sister are gone for the weekend, so Connor is stopping by to have a little fun while they can. After making damn sure Devin won’t spill the beans about the two of them, Connor let’s Devin unleash his cock and do some serious sucking. He’s taking down Connor’s entire throbbing, meat pole. Then Connor’s returning the favor by slurping hard on Devin’s fattened dick. Watch Connor enjoy Devin’s sweet asshole as he pounds him good. When Devin suggests switching it up, Connor is reluctant to take a cock for the first time, but Devin assures him they’ll go slow…at least to start! When your girlfriend just won’t cut it, take advantage of her hot brother!

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Teens Boys World: Eddie - Red Room

Eddie’s sexiest photo shoot ever. Damn what a fine cock! This boy is simply fucking perfect!
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Sharing a Tent Means Sharing the Jizz
Out in the wilderness these two young hikers have set up camp somewhere they know they won’t be disturbed to get into their favourite wild activity unprotected assfucking and swallowing as much cum as they can get.

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HX104S78 Friendly Encounter

Evan Parker is spending a lazy day lounging around his apartment when boredom gets the better of him and he whips out his iPhone and smooth cock to pass the time watching some porn. The young stud soon realizes he’s too horny for just a little self-service and decides to call his bottom boy booty call Jamie Sanders. The sexual tension is running high and Jamie is barely through the door when he gets right down to pleasing Evan with an amazing blow job. Evan returns the favor stripping down Jamie for some intense ass play. Once Jamie’s boy hole is good and ready Evan finally pulls on a condom to start plowing the power bottom’s sweet ass while Jamie spreads wide to enjoy every inch of Evan’s hard twink dick. Starring: Evan Parker, Jamie Sanders



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Kris + Rio Jermahl

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So how often is that that you find a short, sexy muscular nigga that is lost, not in New York, but Dallas, Tx. Good thing Kris Rockafella is from there and knows the area very well. Kris helps Rio back to his hotel and Rio offers him a drink. After drinking some of dat good shit, Rio feels that he needs to show his appreciation to Kris…

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EuroBoyXXX - Tent Hopping Sluts: Shaun and Drake

Shaun and Drake are a couple of horny young campers sharing a tent. You’re gonna love checking out the ‘poles’ in this tent!

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Danny Montero Plays With His Own Fat Dick

**PHOTO SET NEXT WEEK**{Can’t Wait? Join Today!!}**
With his handsome dark features and hot body, 22 year old Danny Montero is a real fittie. Starting off in black Adidas trackies and top, he rubs the growing bulge in his pants then takes off his top, revealing a smooth, nicely muscled, hot body. Pulling down his trackies, leaving him in just his white boxers, he rubs and squeezes his bulge some more, then gets naked. His dick is thick and meaty, with a big bulging head on it. Danny plays with it slowly, then gives us some very hot hands free action, before rubbing plenty of lube into it and jerking off real slow for us. Plenty of very horny cock action here, then he moves over to the sofa. Danny holds up his permanently throbbing meat at the base, showing it off to the camera. He pours more lube over the head of his dick, then massages it in. He works his dick nice and slow, then gradually builds up till he is close to cumming, and keeps himself there for a bit, edging himself. Extremely hot. He starts to build up now, wanking harder and faster.. Moments later, his thick cock starts pumping out hot white spunk over his sweaty abs. The cum drips down his fingers and dick, and as he squeezes out the last few drops, Danny gives one last horny look to camera.

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Gay Teen Studio - Justin 3

I wonder if eating oranges naked makes them taste any sweeter?
The Gay Teen Studio features highly erotic photos of the most beautiful, legal, teen boy models available online. Photos so finely detailed, you will be tempted to touch them, to caress their curves, to feel their flesh. Nobody does it better. Experience The Gay Teen Studio for yourself today and see!!

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Male Digital - Dirty Dreams, Scene #04


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Curl Up With A 6-Pack - BelAmi Online Videos - 08

Johnny Bloom & Rocco Alfieri: Newcomer Rocco Alfieri made his debut recently on the KinkyAngels website and this week we let Johnny Bloom show him the ropes at BelAmiOnline. Both boys are quite tall and physically a great fit though Johnny has a bit more muscle. They are both 100% versatile as you’ll see in this weeks 2 part flip flop fuck with no less than 4 amazing cum shots!

Johnny Bloom & Dolph Lambert: This month we are featuring several scenes where we teamed up more experienced models with some of our more recent arrivals. Johnny Bloom spends his days working hard in our office, but before he started that he had the chance to perform with Dolph Lambert. This scene is from the very early days of Johnny’s filming with us, and from the end of Dolph’s. Watch as Dolph shows our ‘fresh meat’ how it’s done! Hot boys, big dicks and daily content updates at BelAmiOnline!

Claude Sorel & Paul Valery: Whenever a popular model stops working we get a lot of requests to bring them back for more scenes. Most of the time it is not possible to do so, but with Paul Valery, he actually came back to us looking for some more work, so we gave iit a try. Paul joins in with Marty (the cameraman) at the beginning joking about Claude’s rising star and his own fading one, but when the clothes come off we see that his body has not changed since the time he stopped filming…. and his dick not at all.

Adam Archuleta & Vadim Farrell: It’s not often that you get to see Adam Archuleta bottoming these days, but this episode is one of those times. Vadim Farrell gladly plays the role of tour guide for this scene, although he has to be the worst tour guide ever, as all Adam gets to see is the inside of Vadim’s bedroom (and pants). Watch as Vadim delivers a hot fuck to the sweet round ass of Adam exclusively at BelAmiOnline!

Johnny Bloom & Tom Pollock: Today we kickoff something new, The BelAmi Night Series.
Filming at night lends a romance to the scene that is harder to capture during a daytime tryst. The first update features 2 of our newest favorites, Johnny Bloom and Tom Pollock. In addition to this scene together, they also work in the same room in our Prague office and are about to take a big step and become flatmates as well. Watch the closeness & intimacy explode in this colorful scene not to be missed at BelAmiOnline!

Rick Lautner & Chase Austin: Rick Lautner is another one of the new faces you will be seeing more of around Today you will get to see him in his first fuck action with American Chase Austin. Rick is an English major and was the perfect match for Chase. Not to mention Rick has a nice, thick uncut cock perfect for fucking the bubble ass of Chase.


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