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Icon Male - The Stepfather, Scene #04

Casey Tanner is pouting because Adam Russo has been avoiding their guy’s nights because of the guilt he feels in hooking up with Casey’s boyfriend, Connor Maguire. Adam apologizes and the two stare at each other, contemplating their next move. Casey stands up and leans in to kiss his future stepfather. They give in to their passions, and slowly, articles of clothing start to get removed. Casey takes out Adam’s dick and starts taking the length into his throat while his stepfather thrusts. Adam then starts licking and kissing Casey all over his smooth body, ending up at his hard cock. After sucking him, Adam eagerly goes down on Casey’s sweet asshole, and fingers him until he’s ready to take Adam’s dick inside him. They both moan together on the bed, finally giving into the desire for each other, until Casey comes all over himself. Casey finishes Adam off and they share another deep kiss. Casey Tanner, Adam Russo

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Enigmatic Boys - Lukas

Reflections of Perfection. Sexy boy Lukas posing before a mirror.
Enigmatic Boys: Handsome, beautiful, barely legal teen boys (18 to 22 y.o.) from Europe and the Mediterranean in high quality photos and videos. Whether in sexy solos, or hot hardcore action, the cute boys of Enigmatic Boys are sure to melt your heart - and harden your cock. Want more beautiful boys? Please click the banner and visit Enigmatic Boys: Members get hundreds of boys, full picture sets (150 to 260 photos), PLUS Access to watch or download many hot, sexy, Full Videos.

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Mr Pipe’m and Wanted

Stunning young debut performer Mr Pipe’m brings that chiselled bod to Dark Thunder to plow our other new star, Wanted. He’s got a butt that you want to shove your face and cock into at regular intervals, and together they have a hot dynamic in front of the camera.

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Fucking That Jockstrapped Bottom

Zack couldn’t wait to get at Jason’s cock and slip it up inside of him!

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Lucky Luckas Gets A Spitroasting

Josh and Josh get some twink ass to share between them when they pick up Luckas!

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Bare Adventures - Tom Swings and Kevin Ateah

After getting frisky in the bathroom, super bottom boy Kevin whips out a dildo and starts fucking himself with it as he calls Tom over for some help. More than happy to help, Tom jumps straight in and fucks his friend hard with the dildo, getting Kevin more cock hungry than ever and ready for the real thing from Tom! Sucking on his ever-growing shaft, Tom’s a very well hung twink, and Kevin couldn’t be happier about it! After their marathon dick gobbling, Kevin squats over Tom and bounces so hard and fast his own dick swings all over the place, showing how much he loves the feeling of a raw cock up his butt!

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DeAngelo Jackson and Jeno Hunter

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Jeno’s fuckin internet is broken as fuck and life sucks without the internets, so he calls up DeAngelo to check out his computer… but instead of the computer DeAngelo is interested in some fuckin dick…

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Etienne on

Two days before we shot this scene young emo boy Etienne’s hair was Goth black. But on a whim”the Kid” as he’s called at work, decided to reinvent himself. But don’t let Etienne’s youthful appearance lead you to believe he’s lacking maturity of mind. He’s witty…



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STAXUS.COM - Gorgeous Blond Twink Takes Every Hard Long Inch Cumming His Way! HD

It might require a certain suspension of disbelief to convince yourself that Luke Desmond is a secret British agent and that Connor Levi - a comely blond twink - is a centrepiece of official intelligence, but ignore the clearly tight budget and you have the makings here of a fun, carefree escapade between two sweet young guys who clearly just wanna please….
Levi, in particular, seems more than quietly enamoured with the handsome mating equipment that he discovers in the depths of Desmond’s suit, diving headfirst into a deep-throated appreciation of the oversized uncut ramrod. Indeed, it’s not long before the pretty-boy, doe-eyed beauty is laid out on his back on the table, feasting his ass-hole on every damnable inch that Desmond can thrust his way. Not that a simple missionary fuck is going to satisfy the urges of this twinkle-toed whore.
Before you know it he’s going at it cowboy-style on the agent’s lap, proving once again in the process that when it comes to free-wheeling fornication there’s nothing like a brainless blond to give full-headed satisfaction. A point underlined when Luke dumps the contents of his donkey-sized knob all over Connor’s tattooed chest.
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HX104S88 Peeking Pleasure

Watch as Chase Young gets fucked by Jacob Dixon’s 9 inch dick. These two start off by satisfying their mouths with the taste of cock and waste no time pleasing each other as much as heavenly possible. Jacob gets off pounding the cum out of Chase’s 7.5 inch cock. Starring: Chase Young, Jacob Dixon

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East Boys - Gaytube Mitja

East Boys features young, smooth Eastern European boys! Fresh young real boys from the Czech Republic. Many young boys (18+), handjobs, first time sex, muscle flexing, and body worship.

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Boys of Sweet and Raw - 08


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Boykakke - Gay Asian Cum Delight


Masumi’s at the computer stroking his large tool when Ken comes in to add more pleasure to his “hard work.” These two Boykakke twinks have been together before so arousal is just a warm wet mouth away. Enjoy “Gay Asian Cum Delight.” As you will see, there is plenty to go around. Within moments of Ken’s help, Masumi is moaning, “oh yes” and repositioning himself on top of his desk for maximum pleasure. Ken’s oral skills have both of them horny. The camera zooms in just in time to catch the two watching one another while Ken blows. He then stands and adds a hand job while working Masumi’s sensitive nipples. Sending him back down for more, Ken happy laps at his partner’s dick before the two move to the bed. Now lying down, Ken positions himself close to Masumi, who is jerking himself off. The sensual two then caress until Masumi is close. Tightening his body, Masumi released a huge load of creamy white cum all over himself, the bed and the floor. Loud “splats” of jizz propel from Masumi’s cock, enthralling Ken. The two then relax still, side by side.

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Gabriel Clark pounds Max Carter


What is there to say about Gabriel Clark and Max Carter besides, “why haven’t they fucked sooner?” Their chemistry is perfect — Max is a timid, sweet, blond bottom and Gabriel is an assertive and very aggressive top who likes to take control. The guys just went for it, first blowing each other in front of a window for all the world to see before Max sat gently on Gabriel’s hard cock. The moans Max made when Gabriel first entered him were extremely hot and Gabriel had a huge smile on his face as he gazed into Max’s eyes.
Max finally shot a big load with Gabriel still firmly inside of him, and Gabriel couldn’t help but lap it up before blowing a load of his own all over Max’s abs. Another great pair of hot guys who will show you how proper fucking is done!

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