Enigmatic Boys - Trace - Chair
enigmatic-boys-trace-chair  enigmatic-boys-trace-chair enigmatic-boys-trace-chair enigmatic-boys-trace-chairenigmatic-boys-trace-chair enigmatic-boys-trace-chair enigmatic-boys-trace-chair
Enigmatic Boys: Handsome, beautiful, barely legal teen boys (18 to 22 y.o.) from Europe and the Mediterranian in high quality photos and videos. Keywords: gay boys, nude boys, gay boy photos, enigmatic boys galleries, smooth boys
JapanBoyz - Yura Tames Fuji's Beast
Online Video Clip: MP4 / Sponsor Site: JapanBoyz
While Fuji's in the shower, Yura gets naked and plays "dress up" with his dick; something about "feeding the animals" comes to mind. Switching off, Fuji comes in and adds his "croc cock" to the mix. Together, the boys pet the monsters before they fuck. Kissing, sucking nipples and getting Fuji on his back is all part of Yura's plan to "tame the beast," lucky boys.
EastBoys Photos - Doran
eastboys-photos-doran-001 eastboys-photos-doran-002 eastboys-photos-doran-003 eastboys-photos-doran-004 eastboys-photos-doran-005 eastboys-photos-doran-006 eastboys-photos-doran-007 eastboys-photos-doran-008
Doran shows off his fine cock at EastBoys.com.
Bare Twinks - Hard Fuckin' To The Max
Online Video Clip: MP4 / Sponsor Site: BareTwinks.com
Colby and Daniel fuck their cum into each other after a raw flip flop session! Colby Klein And Daniel Ross
Staxus - Brad Fitt gets jizz in his ass
staxus.com-smooth-gay-boys-photos-BradFitt-RudyBodlak-001 staxus.com-smooth-gay-boys-photos-BradFitt-RudyBodlak-002 staxus.com-smooth-gay-boys-photos-BradFitt-RudyBodlak-003 staxus.com-smooth-gay-boys-photos-BradFitt-RudyBodlak-004
Online Video Clip: MP4 / Sponsor Site: Staxus.com
Is it just the Italian air or do Brad Fitt and Rudy Bodlak wake up feeling this horny every morning? Truth is it’s probably a little bit of both – but there’s no denying that both lads are as rampant as fuck in this truly unforgettable scene! The ever-spritely Fitt quickly kicks proceedings off by falling to his knees to give his buff mate’s meaty shaft a clam-tight suck on their villa’s balcony – a move that Bodlak is only too eager and willing to replicate in return.
Spritzz.com - Fucked in the bogs
Online Video Clip: MP4 / Sponsor Site: Spritzz.com
In the school toilet Riley tries to get off with Kyle, a new student. He simply grabs his cock at the urinal and the two quickly get hard, before smooth skinned Kyle ends up riding the others huge manhood with his arse...
Cast: Kyle Wilkinson, Riley Smith
BelAmi - Johnny Bloom PinUp
The wait is over! Today we introduce Benjamin Bloom’s younger brother, Johnny. Johnny is much taller and leaner than his older brother and has moved to Prague to shoot with us as an exclusive model. Johnny is 100% Czech and loves to workout as you can clearly see. His first suck goes online April 12th and first fuck on April 27th, until then enjoy this stunning photoset. The hottest boys, with the biggest dicks, in the world plus daily content updates exclusively from BelAmiOnline!
BelAmi - Kris Evans and Torsten Ullman
belami-online-Kris-Evans-Torsten-Ullman-001 belami-online-Kris-Evans-Torsten-Ullman-002 belami-online-Kris-Evans-Torsten-Ullman-003 belami-online-Kris-Evans-Torsten-Ullman-004 belami-online-Kris-Evans-Torsten-Ullman-005 belami-online-Kris-Evans-Torsten-Ullman-006 belami-online-Kris-Evans-Torsten-Ullman-007 belami-online-Kris-Evans-Torsten-Ullman-008
Since we started doing the programming schedule for BelAmi's Summer of Love, we've been looking forward to this scene to be released. It is not an easy task for a new model to realize that all of a sudden you have to act with Kris Evans, one of our biggest stars. That's why Torsten gets bonus points for his debut scene here.
Cocky Boys - Gabriel Clark Fucks Mike Gaite
Online Free Hosted Gallery / Sponsor Site: CockyBoys.com
As we all know, Gabriel Clark loves to dominate so it's not often we see him with a guy that's comparable to him in stature and physique. But new CockyBoy Mike Gaite has just about the same amount of muscles and scruffy facial hair, so for a moment it seemed like Gabe had met his match! But after chatting with Mike for a little bit about a recent trip to Europe, different languages, and golden showers (err... Thailand's national flower of course), Gabriel finally coaxed out the words from Mike. 'I'm versatile...' he said. 'But I prefer bottoming.' With a twinkle in his eye, Gabriel knew he had just received the green light to plow the hell out of Mike.
Helix Studios - #helix: Blake Mitchell and Ricky Boxer
Welcome to the 2nd installment of #helix, our Twitter QandA series. This time around Blake Mitchell and Ricky Boxer are waiting for us on the couch, ready to reveal intimate answers to some of your most probing inquiries into their sexiest thoughts and desires. Afterward, urban cowboy Ricky saddles up and rides Blake's big, hard, uncut cock off into the sunset.
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