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Hung new guy Kayden gets his dick deep into the jock ass of gorgeous Darius.

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HX105S3 Playing with Fire

Best friends Mitch Hudson and Andy Taylor have grown up doing everything together: they laugh, they play, they joke around and of course they share their closest guarded secrets. But when Mitch starts developing feelings for Andy the line between friend and lover begins to blur. Mitch is worried he might ruin the relationship but bravely decides to force himself to open up to Andy. Is falling in love with your best friend “Playing with Fire” and waiting to get burned or have the boys finally realized they’re meant to be together? Starring: Andy Taylor, Mitch Hudson


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Hotrod and Shabazz

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Hotrod n Shabazz bumpin into each other in New York, the two plannin to get ready for some party later on, but before that can happen they gon go back to Hotrod’s place and fuck til they bust…

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East Boys - Czech Please! - 14

East Boys features young, smooth Eastern European boys! Fresh young real boys from the Czech Republic. Many young boys (18+), handjobs, first time sex, muscle flexing, and body worship.

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George Coster Solo Photos

Cute 18 Yr Old Jerks Off His Thick Uncut Meat, and Shoots Hard

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Joey Lafontaine on


There’s never a moment of low energy when Joey Lafontaine is in the room. So when Joey came back to us to make his second Squirtz video we braced ourselves for the whirlwind and Joey didn’t disappoint. Goofing off and having fun isn’t optional when Joey’s involved. He’s going to make you laugh and he’s going to wear you out. When Joey first appeared on our screen he was living in the fast lane, dancing at a gay strip club and partying pretty hard. But he burned out of that life style and so he found himself a girlfriend and settled down to a more tranquil life outside the city. I said tranquil but not conventional. Joey and the girlfriend have an arrangement where if he is feeling the need for some penis in his sex life, he’s allowed to go out and get it. And if she is feeling the need for pussy, she’s allowed to go out and get it. These are the joys of living as a real bisexual couple.

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Gay Teen Studio - Lenny and Taras




Sexy teen couple making love together in bed.

The Gay Teen Studio features highly erotic photos of the most beautiful, legal, teen boy models available online. Photos so finely detailed, you will be tempted to touch them, to caress their curves, to feel their flesh. Nobody does it better. Experience The Gay Teen Studio for yourself today and see!!


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A Rentboy with a Little Flavor

Giovanni Lovell is just the extra bit of flavor Mike Manchester is looking for this week!

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TWINKS.COM - Isaac Conn & Kentucky

Isaac Conn & Kentucky

Ready to see more raw cock in action? Sit back, relax, bone-up and jerk off to two very handsome and evenly matched bareback-loving twinks. Isaac is a lean bottoming machine that particularly caught my eye in his action set, and you’re going to love seeing him fucked raw by the devilish Kentucky.CLICK HERE

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HammerBoys.TV: HeartBreak Hotel 04

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Bare Adventures - Brad Jaw, Thomas Swings and Maxim Moira

At his best with an audience, new boy Brad, small but perfectly formed, this pale nicely built young man shows of his sexy toned body to his fans Maxim and Thomas and they couldn’t be more turned on! Sitting between them bollock naked, he gets them both to now strip off for him, and you can see just what he thinks of them both as his dick grows before our very eyes. Maxim’s famed thick dick the star of the show as he gets to fuck both boys, starting off with the cropped Brad, sharing him between himself and Thomas, who feeds him dick, making him gobble down his hot boy dick first of all, as Maxim builds himself to pin him into position and fuck the life out of him! Maxim takes charge in this awesome three-way, pushing Tom’s head back and forth over Brad’s juicy dick, wanting him close to orgasm but never quite there, they haven’t finished with him yet! With Maxim thrusting his perfect dick into Brad as he is face fucked with Tom’s equally perfect dick, things only get better when in a flash Tom is in the middle getting spit roasted, Maxim still fucking hard and Brad having his thick shaft wrapped by Tom’s juicy biteable lips until Brad spunks over his face after Maxim can’t hold back and creams Tom’s ass, leaving the blond bottom boy to finally cum all over his face, flanked by his fit fuckers!


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Schoolboy threesome sees the uniforms off and a young twink stuffed with cock from both ends!

When the cat’s away the mice will always play, so it really comes as no surprise when Jaxon Radoc, Connor Levi and Daniel Prince take full advantage of their teacher’s unexpected absence in the classroom. In all fairness to Prince, who dutifully sits at his desk, it’s Radoc and Levi who prove the main troublemakers – most notably Aussie-boy, Radoc, who sees this as the perfect opportunity to expose his thick, uncut, antipodean cock to all and sundry.

But there’s little sign of any resistance once that said ramrod is on display, and before you know it Prince is eagerly gobbling away on the offering like any other cheap whore. A role that the youngster quickly cements once every last vestige of uniform is finally abandoned and he’s being masterfully spit-roasted by his mates – Levi slamming him up the rear and Radoc thrusting down his throat! No question about it, this fresh-faced, bright-eyed youngster is then cajoled into a series of ass-splitting positions like a fuck-doll, his mates giving him the stretching of a lifetime in the process.

No fuckin’ wonder that he’s soon knocking out a healthy load of twink-jizz in appreciation; before Radoc and Levi stand over him on the desk, aim their engorged dicks in his direction and proceed to empty their balls over his face! A sight that we know for sure is gonna blast your rocket sky high!
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CollegeDudes - Griffin Fucks Darren

Hot college boy gets his ass rimmed and fucked.

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Ass licking and fucking hard

Young sexy twinks drive each other mad sucking their horny cocks, licking asses and fucking hard in all their favorite positions.


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Boy Crush - Introducing Tanner Stark

Cute boy Tanner Stark might look a little shy when you first see him, but through his interview we find out that this gorgeous young man is a little less innocent than his appearance suggests. He’s also pretty horny all the way through, fondling his stiff cock through his pants (we were so jealous). When he strips completely we find he has a beautiful long and hard cock and a totally smooth ass that he loves to finger while he strokes!

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